Welcome to this hybrid blog/website containing photography, comment, observation and reflection with an archive of personal projects and professional work. I’m Liz Milner and I’ve lived and worked in the Bristol area for many years and on these pages you’ll find a mix of my current involvements with photography and other projects as well as past activities that include profiles of commissioned work and personal creative output.

There are also notes and thoughts about photography, ways of looking, place, story, architecture, urban and ‘wild’ projects, woods, billboards, housing estates, history and more.

You can see more of my work on my flickr pages, and see a few short videos of both work and personal projects on my YouTube channel – Particularity.

More about me; I have a relationship with photography that goes back several decades – photography is an activity that’s nudged, provoked or compelled me to document my surroundings from an early age and has provided the basis for the personal work on here. Still images, along with other tools like writing, audio, video and design, are also the starting point for freelance work – devising and delivering workshops, undertaking photography and design commissions and facilitating arts and media projects.

It’s not a pure photography blog but a place where I’ve chosen to display examples from my enduring alliance with photography, alongside topics that feed that relationship – history, growing things, archaeology, food, architecture, going for walks, technology, the natural world …

Curiosity about what made one place different to another led to my first childhood use of a camera, and that continuous enquiry into the idea of a sense of place – what that might be and how it’s constructed – has accompanied me ever since. I’m intrigued by what makes things distinctive, whether it’s architectural features, the structure of an insect, street furniture, patterns on water, a configuration of trees or a group of people – visually it’s detail and form that attract me, but this is interwoven with a need for order and the desire to find and tell a story.

I use photography and other media in installations and artists books to explore these ideas – the particularity of things in the world.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kristjana – a long time since we met! Sorry for late reply, I’ve only found this message a couple of weeks ago.
    I have tried to find the 18 Summers project website and hunted in all sorts of places for old versions but I’m afraid that Watershed seems to have taken it down and I don’t know anyone who works there anymore (I’ve retired now!). I suppose it was a long time ago and they have so many projects they must need to get rid of some. I’m very sorry to disappoint you. I hope you look back at that project with pleasant memories, even if you cannot see the films!
    I hope you are well and have not suffered from Covid? I’m OK and am now the proud grandmother of 2 grandsons, age 2 3/4 and his baby brother is 9 moths old!
    Best wishes



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