Box art – Sticks, signs and leaves at Fringe Arts Bath

SSL-lg-liz-milner-webI went to the opening of Fringe Arts Bath last night (masses of work to see across the city) where my ‘portable place portrait’ – Sticks, signs and leaves was included in a show called Out of the Box, put together by the charming Tom Buchanan and Amy Douglas. Continue reading

Sticks, signs, leaves – the book, again, but smaller


Playing with the idea of place portraits – I’ve returned (thanks to stimulus from friends) to an almost abandoned book project in the new year, now (with great sense of satisfaction) completed. It’s a miniature version of the book/artwork you can see here. I like the idea of having something you can carry around in your pocket that could be reminder of Continue reading

Days out – Between the Tides

Framing the Bristol Channel – and some Europeans

As a Local Journeys associate I spent a stimulating and enjoyable two and bit days recently in the company of some fascinating and lovely people from the Netherlands, Germany and UK after Local Journeys was invited by Antony Lyons and Owain Jones to join some of the activity they’d arranged locally for ‘Between the Tides’ – a cross-disciplinary research and exchange project focusing on Tidal Cultures. It’s a joint project with the Universities of the West of England and Groningen but includes visual and sonic artists, theatre makers, Continue reading

iDocs 2012


iDocs ‘the interactive documentary genre’ is a topic I’ve been keeping an eye on for a while, in part because some of the people involved are previous colleagues but also from the little I knew of it I suspect it’s something I might have been doing myself for a long time – or at least I’ve strayed into the margins. After unavoidably missing iDocs events over the last year or so I finally caught up with a session at the recent Encounters  Festival.

Continue reading

It’s Watershed’s 30th birthday…

… and after looking at the photographs of 30 years-worth of Watershed’s monthly programme covers on Facebook I realised that I’ve had connections with this Bristol cultural landmark for 25 years of those three decades. These programmes seemed a good vehicle for reflecting on the journey we’ve been on together and the role we’ve played in each others’ lives. Continue reading


It’s taken me years to understand that something that has significant creative appeal for me is ‘the particular’. I’d grappled unhappily with a comparable, but oppositional concept – ‘the transcendent’ on a photographic course years ago (another time) but it was only recently that I began to read more thoroughly about the work of artists I have long admired and saw the unifying qualities they shared. One writer who’s illuminated this route for me is Ian Jeffrey (can’t find sensible link for the man – suggestions welcome) whose succinct insights are delivered in a thoroughly readable, and often wry style, not tethered to impenetrable cultural theories, but fluid observations of artists’ work in the context of their time and place. Continue reading

The Woods – ‘Sticks, signs and leaves’

sticksAnother facet of the continuing Woods project (see two previous related posts here and here): a book created as part of an MA in Fine Art / Photography at the University of Plymouth, completed in September 2007. The notes below provide some context – the title of the project is a multi-layered play on words, explained in the report produced for the MA – you can contact me if you want to know more! Continue reading


Another North Somerset Arts week show at home, this one in 2005, celebrating the colourful exuberance of growing things – mostly flowers in bloom but also the creatures that visit or eat them. The title allowed the inclusion of fruits that display that wonderful velvety covering also known as bloom – there are lots more in this flickr albumbloom-flier