‘Growing Journeys’ project, April – July 2008.

‘Growing Journeys’ – a workshop project using photography, lettuce growing, fire and pancake making, and exploring.

photographingA commission from Ruth Jacobs at the Bristol Hospital for Sick Children to work with the Lumsden Walker Unit, a day psychiatric unit for children with complex mental health needs, to deliver a photographic project that would serve two purposes. First to help build confidence through engaging both children and their parents / carers in a focused activity over a 3 month period and second to provide a set of photographs by the participants for permanent display in the Unit which is located in an old school building (Fairfield) in east Bristol. Close collaboration with, and support from the excellent team of staff at the unit was an essential feature of the project. Continue reading

Women’s Photography Group projects

Falling bodies poster for buses in Bristol

Falling bodies poster for buses in Bristol 1994

For several years in the early 1990s I was a member of the Bristol Women’s photography group which developed out of a course run at Watershed in 1987 called Women’s Exhibition Photography run by Nancy Honey.

This course gave me the opportunity to explore a completely new direction in what I was doing with photography and resulted in a group exhibition with the other participants at Continue reading