Photographic employment in the 1980s – the wild world

It’s 1984 and three years into motherhood and although Orwell’s Big Brother hadn’t quite materialised we were five years into the reign of Margaret Thatcher, but here I’ll grudgingly admit she managed to do one good thing for our family. In order to camouflage escalating unemployment figures a number of job creation schemes were initiated by her government. I was employed on one as a photographer for a project based in the Natural History department of Bristol’s Museum. The schemes initially provided a year-long contract for Continue reading

‘Growing Journeys’ project, April – July 2008.

‘Growing Journeys’ – a workshop project using photography, lettuce growing, fire and pancake making, and exploring.

photographingA commission from Ruth Jacobs at the Bristol Hospital for Sick Children to work with the Lumsden Walker Unit, a day psychiatric unit for children with complex mental health needs, to deliver a photographic project that would serve two purposes. First to help build confidence through engaging both children and their parents / carers in a focused activity over a 3 month period and second to provide a set of photographs by the participants for permanent display in the Unit which is located in an old school building (Fairfield) in east Bristol. Close collaboration with, and support from the excellent team of staff at the unit was an essential feature of the project. Continue reading


Another North Somerset Arts week show at home, this one in 2005, celebrating the colourful exuberance of growing things – mostly flowers in bloom but also the creatures that visit or eat them. The title allowed the inclusion of fruits that display that wonderful velvety covering also known as bloom – there are lots more in this flickr albumbloom-flier