Dreamhouses was a project and exhibition with Ship of Fools – an artists’ group I belonged to during the mid 1990s which played an important part in developing my ideas and creative confidence. This show was a digital exploration of some ancient themes and stories with a contemporary interpretation, on the way to becoming a game, which was never quite completed – vast amounts of content developed for it may still lurking in the bottom of our old hard drives!

The work was exhibited at the f-stop media station in Bath in 1998.

I created an installation for the show called Eurydice & Orpheus using printed and projected still images, video, a surveillance camera, a periscope, mirrors and a laser serpent.


Work in the exhibition by the other members of the group – Terryl Bacon, Jon Dovey, Constance Fleuriot and Martin Rieser – can be seen in the pages of the booklet, reproduced below, which also includes a description of a previous Ship of Fools production “Media, Myth and Mania”, a 1996 CD ROM, state-of-the-interactive-art stuff in those days.

Variations of the Dreamhouses work with some new additions were included in the 2000 Cheltenham Literary Festival as part of the Visual Arts strand.Further details of Eurydice and Orpheus at the f-stop gallery and some of the photos used in the installation and in the films

The soundtrack for this short film was created by Armin Elsaesser – more on our collaboration, The Wired Woods, here

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