The Woods – transformations

silk-woodblock-print-woodsThis is a sequel to the first post about the The Woods project – ‘The Woods – a Year and a Day‘. It’s a sad story but with a richly rewarding outcome. It’s told here through the pages of a photo book that hasn’t yet got as far as a finished, physical object…

Beech-12-Gd-wd-story-11_12 Beech-12-Gd-wd-story-9_10 Beech-12-Gd-wd-story-7_8 Beech-12-Gd-wd-story-5_6 The page below is a later addition to the collection of products created from the felled beech. Lindy had made prints of sections of the beautiful woodblock she’s cut as seen above, but until 2009 had never printed the entire block, but some fine silk came her way and I went to help with the printing process. We then took it to Tanpit Woods and hung it in the favourite picnic spot as part of a family birthday celebration



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