Cotham school, part 1 – workshop

student-photos-compI was invited to work with Cotham school where a project had been devised to create a portrait of the school and its activities through photography and poetry. English students worked with visiting writer Fiona Hamilton to create poems and I worked with photography students to explore how they could create images that both reflected on life in the school and would complement the words produced by their peers.


Cotham still had a darkroom at that point and their teacher Sam Johnson encouraged her students to be ambitious in their approach and some excellent work was produced. We worked together to design a small booklet for reproduction that was available for sale in the school, and I was asked to select a space for an exhibition of their work. The most appropriate location in this archetypal 1930s building seemed to be the main corridor (with its curious blue-glazed brick walls), well used by all students and easily accessible for visitors.




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