Producing digital stories for M Shed

Hartcliffe and Withywood Dad’s breakfast Club / Champloo B-boy and B-girl

I’ve been working on some freelance commissions for Bristol’s new museum and produced two sets of short films/digital stories sporting and family stories…

1) Our Sporting Life – stories about young people and alternative sport in various Bristol locations – I worked on this project with filmmaker Tim Crawley, some of the stories are films made by Tim, others I’ve produced as audio-slideshows. Subjects include skateboarding at Lloyds, BMXing at Norwich Banks site, Igfest on the streets, climbing the Gorge, Ultimate Frisbee in Lawrence Hill and more. They’ll be on show at MShed as part of a large exhibition in May 2012.

sitting-ducks-igfestatb-stokeparkbmx-norwich-banksAbove are – Igfest’s splendidly silly award-winning Sitting Ducks game, an All Terrain Boarder at Stoke Park and pro BMX rider Scott being filmed by Tim.

2) Family Stories, February 2011

Recently completed and installed in M Shed, ready for the opening, are a set of stories about everyday family life by families in different areas of Bristol – Totterdown, Redfield, Clifton Wood, Hartcliffe and Withywood.stevie-still-2stevie-still-1

stevie-still The stories won’t be online until later in 2011 after the opening of M Shed on 17th June. They’ll then be available on the M Shed and Bristol Stories websites, but these are some screen grabs from one of the stories.

Update – here are some of the completed films

Sheds, Bees and trees – in Hartcliffe (from the Family Stories series)

Stevie and Ocean – Growing up in Hartcliffe (from the Family Stories series)

B-boys and B-girls (from the Sports stories series)

Igfest – street games (from the Sports stories series)

A Year in Totterdown with Ruby and family (from the Family Stories series)

Capoeira (from the Sports stories series)

The Days of the Raves (from the Family Stories series) redux