Photographs not taken

In a new book of interviews by photographer Will Steacy called ‘Photographs Not Taken‘  photographers  describe moments of potential photographs they’ve missed – either accidentally or more often as a result of an ethical decision.

Curiously related is the Descriptive Camera “Take a picture. The picture is sent to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk outsourcing service. A human writes up a quick description and sends it back. The camera prints it out using a tiny thermal printer.” Who is the human in this odd equation? How do they get recruited? Where are they located? Are they photographers themselves? How many different versions of one image could you get by sending the same photo several times? Might this process be used to circumvent ethical considerations of visual representation? Maybe more interesting to debate than the actual outcome.

And, last item on photography items that have caught my attention recently (not getting drawn into Instagram chat!) – a flatpack cardboard digital camera from IKEA – yet to be released.