World of Small – Portishead

On a sweltering hot day in mid July, Local Journeys, with support from Avon Wildlife Trust, took 60 children plus teachers and helpers from Portishead Primary School on a visit of investigation and imagination to Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve. This was part of another World of Small project – a complete contrast to the first one in Pill during the November 2012 flooding! The bird hide made a pleasantly shady temporary sculpture studio, while pond-dipping and explorations around the normally closed lake area took place with a refreshing breeze drifting across the flowery meadow – bliss!

Workshops at school the following day were a bit hot, nevertheless the children produced some great ideas based on the central theme of how you would function in the world if you were only 15 cm tall; drama and story development, technology, microphotography of items collected at Portbury Wharf and clay printing were enthusiastically carried out by the children with the day ending with displays of the activities and a performance in the school garden overlooking the Marina. More details and photos on the Local Journeys blog.