Ahead of the Curve & Window Wanderland – Bristol exhibitions

horse-1A satisfying dip into Bristol last weekend when practical chores were thoroughly enhanced by two very different exhibitions / displays: first stop was the City Museum and Art Gallery where we saw ‘Ahead of the Curve‘ a showcase of contemporary ceramics and glass from China. Some entertaining, and some sublime, ceramic pieces – beautiful vase shown below – but it was the glass that really grabbed my attention, don’t think I’ve ever come across glass used in such a wide variety of outputs and with such different forms of expression. The free show is on until March 1st so catch it if you’re in the area.

Our second stop (after veg shopping and replenishing home-brew supplies in the doggedly independent shops of Gloucester Road) was very brief and we only had time to take in about 5% of what was going on across the Bishopston area in the Window Wanderland ‘Magical Walking Trail‘. Such a great contrast to the ceramics and glass in the museum – crafted and considered objects of solidity and permanence – this was a one-night event with over 160 households, schools and shops decorating and illuminating their windows in all manner of styles and means.

From dusk onwards families were chatting, gawping, skipping, queuing and strolling around the side streets checking off the windows from the online map list. Simply lit living rooms, abstract patterns, stories, 3D displays, a tiny cinema, and though not strictly speaking a window there was even Dale the Dalek with proper scary voice on a front-garden beach that had been created a while ago by Keith Walker as a fund-raiser for the local Children’s Hospice. Lovely atmosphere and such a wide range of imagery, ideas and execution in the few streets we were able to fit in. No chance to see this show again sadly but there are dozens of great photos on the website – and 5 below!

There are lots of other shows on in Bristol right now and more coming up with the Green Capital business, so further posts are likely – here are some photos.

Ahead of the Curve

 Window Wanderland


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